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Opening April 6
Through April 29
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Midnight Requisition by Craig Jessen

David's three daughters gather to celebrate his wake, but in the middle of planning, their long estranged mother, Maggie appears to try and make a new start with them. Long buried hurt, anger, and misunderstandings are dug up and examined revealing that David's life was not what everyone thought it was. 

David - Morris Schorr
Gray - Serena Anis
Ash - Laura Walker
Heather - Kelsey Risher
Maggie - Michelle Begley
Ernesto - Gerry Del Sol

Directed By James Carey

Hungry for Improv Comedy?
Try a Little Chix Mix!

SkyPilot’s New All-Female Improv Group Hits the Stage April 14 and 27

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Los Angeles – April 6, 2018 – Following their hilarious debut in February, Chix Mix, SkyPilot Theatre Company’s all-female comedy improv group, hits the stage once again for two nights following performances of SkyPilot’s main stage production of Midnight Requisition.
WHAT: Chix Mix Improv Comedy
WHEN: Saturday, April 14 and Friday, April 27 at 10:30pm
WHERE: Arena Stage, Hollywood’s Theatre of Arts, 1625 N. Las Palmas Ave., Hollywood
PRICE: Tickets are $5

Chix Mix members include Serena Anis, Karen Brundage, Kelly Goodman, Sarah Marcum, Marie Pettit and Kelsey Risher. Audiences are welcome to enjoy a full evening of theatrical entertainment by attending both Midnight Requisition and Chix Mix for $20. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!)