Original One-Acts Festival Returns to SkyPilot

Submit New Plays By September 8, 2019

SkyPilot Theatre Company, a non-profit ensemble company of actors, directors and designers producing provocative, compelling and challenging new works for the Los Angeles theatre-going audience, will once again present a selection of original one-act plays this fall. Playwrights are invited to submit works based on the theme “Future Shock.”

Future Shock was a 1970 book written by futurists Alvin and Heidi Toffler. The authors define the term as a certain psychological state of individuals and entire societies under the perception of “too much change in too short a period of time,” predicting that our post-industrial society will be marked by a transient culture where everything ranging from goods to human relationships will be temporary while losing familiarity that traditional institutions (family, national identity, religion, professions) once provided. Not to mention the fear of climate change, over-population, a rise of nationalism, and more.

Playwrights are asked to submit one-acts that deal with any of the following issues: too-rapid change, a transient society, the dangers of an over-populated world or the sense of the familiar or old institutions are quickly fading away. They could be as large as the end of society or as simple as why your new cell-phone is already obsolete. They can be dramas, comedies, satires, be funny or sad, involve any genre, be based in reality, fantasy or science fiction and be pro or con on any position. The only solid rule is that the plays include a strong voice, a solid plot and good characters who stand for something.

Parameters are as follows:

  • Length – 20-30 minutes maximum

  • 6-8 characters maximum

  • Submission Deadline – September 8th

  • Original, never produced material only, no adaptations

  • No musicals

  • No historical costumes or elaborate sets

  • Subject can be either pro or con the chosen theme (no diatribes)

  • $20 Submission Fee (PayPal or Venmo to SkyPilotSubmissions@gmail.com)

New this year are The Audience Award and the Producers Award, which include a cash prize of $50 each and will be voted on and awarded to two of the overall plays selected for the festival at the end of the run.

Please submit plays with “One Act Festival” in the subject line to SkyPilotSubmissions@gmail.com by September 8th.


SkyPilot’s Next Runway is The Queen’s Fool!

SUNday, SEPTEMBER 8th at 8pm! $5 at the door.


The Runway series gets royal with its next selection, The Queen’s Fool, which will be performed on Sunday, Sept. 8th at 8pm at Oh My Ribs! Theater, 6468 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles.  The production is open to the public with tickets for $5 at the door.

Runway is a play reading series that helps to develop new plays in the early drafts stage. The readings are directed by prominent Los Angeles theatre directors in partnership with the playwrights.  They are rehearsed, staged, on their feet and performed with scripts-in-hand, immediately followed by a focused feedback session with a moderator, the playwright, and the audience.  

The Queen’s Fool is written by Kathleen Grotzinger, who was inspired by Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. In the play, directed by Kristina Lloyd, an insomniac Queen calls upon a gender-fluid Fool to help her sleep by telling her stories. Before long, she finds herself getting wrapped up in the Fool’s tales of cross-dressing and running away to Illyria, an island rumored to be populated by other female-born cross-dressers. En route, the Fool is shipwrecked with the highborn Lady Lenore and then saved by pirates. What follows is a raucous journey of love, fear, rejection, longing, fights, Knights, honesty and new adventures. 

Kathleen Grotzinger is a Los Angeles-based playwright and screenwriter with two major writing modes: fun scripts for kids and queer love stories for adults, both usually with a sense of magical realism.  She has been selected for the Anna Zorino Children’s Theatre Playwriting Award and her play Momotaro: Peach Boy Hero, will be produced as part of the University of New Hampshire’s 2019 season.

SkyPilot will continue its 2019 Runway Series with A Twisted Christmas Carol by Phil Olson later this fall.


The Queen's Fool.jpg

WHEN: Sunday September, at 8 PM
WHERE: Oh My Ribs! Theater 6468 Santa Monica Blvd 90038
TICKETS: $5 at the door