SkyPilot Theatre Company Heralds the #MeToo Movement with Unique New Show

SkyPilot Theatre Company has been producing only original unproduced plays by LA playwrights since 2010. That is our Mission Statement. 

We were founded in 2004 as an ensemble theatre company doing revivals like a lot of groups, but then we found this niche and realized that we love presenting and helping to develop new work with the talented playwrights of Los Angeles. 

This one act festival is a first for us. In March we put out a call to LA playwrights and also national playwrights to submit one act plays based on 3 subjects - the #MeToo Movement, Black Lives Matter, and March for our Lives (Gun Violence in Schools). We would accept any play either pro or con on those subjects, it did not matter how the author felt about the subject as long as the play was good and had a strong point of view about our subjects. 

We received 85 plays and began the process of finding 6 thoughtful and excellent plays to present over two nights - a Series A of 3 plays and a Series B of 3 plays. We are not looking to preach to anyone - and we certainly want to entertain folks - but we also want our audience to be challenged by what they see and hear, and to think about it as they leave the theatre and the next day. If they just say that is nice and forget the plays, then we failed as a company. 

You can entertain an audience and challenge them at the same time. They are not mutually exclusive. Yet finding 6 entertaining and challenging plays and presenting them well takes time and money. The time we have, the money we do not. 

We are asking for 2000 dollars to help us present these one acts in a professional theatre environment with the proper lights, sets, and technical support that they will require. That is where your money will be spent - on supporting the actors, designers and playwrights in presenting 6 original unproduced new plays about subjects that are currently on your TV news or discussed at your home or office. 

We need the funds to start arriving now so that we can find and hire the proper theatre and people to staff it for this very important production. 

We have never done an online campaign so this is a first for us. But if each of you could spare 5 to 10 dollars to make this event happen - you would make 6 playwrights, 6 directors, and a bunch of eager and talented actors very happy.

Thank you for your time and kind attention, and your consideration!


James Carey
Artistic Director
SkyPilot Theatre Company
Los Angeles, CA


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